day of firsts

Freya – she has hair, obviously but its fine and for ages I haven’t been able to do much with it. Over the past few weeks I have been putting it is ponytails but this afternoon I plaited her hair, not much but she has 2, yes 2 plaits.

James – bought him shoes for school, a cheap pair to keep him going til the end of term, they however have laces. He doesn’t do laces BUT today he has practised and has been doing it

Also at tea time, I put 2 tsps of spongebob pasta on his plate with his tea. He never usually eats it, well its gone, all of it !!!!

So there you have it, tomorrow is a new day & I wonder what firsts I can get from that


Day one – couch to 5k

well i woke early to do this then i heard the rain – bugger

so instead of outside i have just done day one while watching crappy telly

its quite good (not the crappy telly), music is upbeat and it makes you want to do it again

i know have to wait til fri to do it cause it says 3 times a week with a days rest in between

not sure if i will be able to walk tomorrow tho ……

Run Forest Run

Well I decided nothing better then running so I started the Couch to 5K this morning

Idiot that I am I downloaded the wrong one and the app had me running aft 5 mins, for 5 mins and then getting faster – ooops

So tomorrow I shall re start with the RIGHT one and see what will happen in a week or month but hopefully in 9 weeks I will be able to run 5k (3ish miles) without stopping – GO ME

My slimming world journey

Back in October 2012 I decided that I was getting fat, no word of a lie. My size 16 bottoms were fitting fine & I really didn’t want to go up a size (my top half was an 18). So begun my journey to become a yummy mummy.

Its been hard, fallen off the wagon more times then I have wanted too but have never actually stopped doing it. I am 9.5lbs away from my first major target and would love to get that by July. Yes its doable but this is me and its taken from october to now to only lose 11.5 – slow & steady wins the race so i am told

Tonights tea alot of people will turn their noses up at – diet coke chicken. Now I am not the perfect chef, never will be with my knife skills which is why I like this recipe. Everything goes in a pot, boil it away and hey presto a sticky bbq sauce. 

Anyway you may hear alot more about my journey & its ups and downs, read or dont read I just need to say what is going on in my life and sometimes writing it down for strangers to see can help


Hey, anyone reading *testing one, two*

Decided to start blogging again, done this before and really enjoyed it then gave it up :/

Hopefully this time things will be different. There are a  number of things I wanna do in life, so are doable others really ain’t but we can dream